Top 5 programming blogs authored by Indian programmers

1) is a blog founded and authored by Saran Chamling, the blog contains articles,tutorials and codes snippets related to web development, the blog also contains a download section which contains web development projects, this blog is for those who are really serious about their web development skills.Visit www.sanwebe.comAlexa Rank : 21,803

2) is founded and authored by Neeraj Mishra, it is a very good blog for beginners and for people aspiring to be a programmer, it contains articles and tutorials related to Java, C/C++, web development, programming humour and programming tricks and tips, the blog also have ebook section which will help you to find the best book for your field and a download section also.Visit
Alexa Rank : 82000+

3) is founded and authored by Subin Siby, the blog contains stuff mostly related to web development, the blog have open source section also which is a really good thing for people who want to sharpen their skills.Visit
Alexa Rank : 90,000+

4) is founded and authored by Parvez, the blog contains tutorials on web development including some of the famous javascript frameworks angular.js and jquery, this blog also have a source code download section.Visit
Alexa Rank : 1,30,000+
4) is founded and authored by a group of anonymous indian programmers, in this blog you will find plenty of articles related to programming apart from this you will also find projects on openGl,Visual C++,Visual basic 6.0.Visit
Alexa Rank : 42,00,000+
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