How to Make a Web Crawler Application in PHP

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In this tutorial we will teach you how to make a web crawler in php, first of all let us understand what a web crawler actually is.Web crawler is a program which is used by search engines to index the URL of a website for example google uses a web crawler made in python to get the URL's of a particular page of a website.Now today we are going to see how to make such program in php. Before starting download all the source files from the given link.Now let's begin writing our codeFirstly let's design the form for our crawler the code for the form is given below

HTML(crawler.php): Now let's design our form for that we will make CSS file(style.css) called style.css and the following code into it. Now we have successfully designed our form now let's move to the processing part now we will add all our code in the file crawler.php, first of all add the simple_html_dom class into the php code like below: Now to parse the URL's we will make an object $html of the above class and will use it to parse the URL. Code for catching the URL is given below

Now if you enter a URL in your input box you will get a list of URL's of that website's page but you will see some of the URL's incomplete for example: /about, /files/file.php so to solve this add the below code in to your current php code as shown below.

The above added code will complete the incomplete URL's on that page.Congratulations you have made your own personal web crawler app in php.
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