C Program to convert Seconds into Hours, Minutes and Seconds

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In our daily life we all encounter problems physically as well as mentally.Let us take an example: you are downloading an HD quality movie from the internet and the download manager shows the time remaining for download as '3570 seconds'.If you are not really good in maths, then definitely you will get irritated and will shut down your PC or let it download for an undetermined amount of time. But, if we convert 3570 seconds into hours, minutes and seconds format it will be something like 59 minutes 30 seconds. To solve such problems, software and applications have codes which do the task of converting them and display the output to the user in a much simpler format.In this article, we will make a program which will convert user entered seconds in to hours, minutes and seconds.
The Logic

We have two cases here:1) When the number of minutes is greater than 60.2) When the number of minutes is lesser than 60.
When the number of minutes will be greater than 60, then we will have to include the hours; else, it is unnecessary.The formulae that we will be using to split the seconds into equivalent minutes and seconds for case 1 is… If user enters 2300, then2300/60 = 38 … (minutes)2300\%60 = 20 … (seconds)Here, 38 is the number of minutes and 20 is the number of seconds.Thus, 2300 secs = 38 mins and 20 secs.
For case 2, lets take an example where user enters integer seconds more than 3600 (3600 seconds = 1 hour).If user enters 4567, using the above formulae,4657/60 = 77 … (minutes)4567\%60 = 37 … (seconds)The formulae that we will be using to split the minutes into equivalent hours and minutes for case 2 is… 77/60 = 1 … (hours)
77\%60 = 17 … (minutes)Thus, 4567 secs = 1 hour 17 mins 37 secs.Now, we have the logic in our mind. Time for Coding!

This ends your program.Output of the above code will be as shown below for both the conditions.

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