5 Best Google Chrome Proxy Extensions to Change Your Internet Experience

Chrome has been my browser of choice for years now. If you've never tried Chrome, it's fast, sleek, and searching on the Omni bar is so easy that once you go Chrome, you'll never go home (or roam). Here are the best Google Chrome proxy extensions; the ones that will change the way you browse the internet.

Many times, we need to access sites which we don't have access to or simply we need to bypass the censorship imposed by the network administrator. To access these sites we need proxy extensions.Here are some names of best proxy extensions.
1) Dot VPN
Dot VPN is a service which provides access to restricted websites as well as VoIP applications, and its free to use too! Some of the unique features of Dot VPN are as mentioned �Anonymous Internet-surfingAccess to all websitesVirtual change of locationHigh speed connection without connection droppingSafety when accessing public Wi-Fi points (Wi-Fi and Hacker Protection)
2) Gom Web VPN for Chrome
Gom- Web VPN for Google Chrome is yet another Chrome exclusive VPN service provider, it doesn't require any 3rd Party application for the VPN services except its Google Chrome extension and is quite effective too!The service is free for Trial period and features of Gom VPN include �Access blocked content.

Surf privately with encryption (even with non-secure sites);Enjoy faster page load times (GOM uses Google's SPDY technology).No need for network configuration / 3rd party app install.
3) Browsec
Browsec encrypts your traffic and routes it through Browsec's secure cloud network. No one will be able to identify, track you or sniff your traffic.Visit Facebook and twitter from work, read whatever you want.Privacy. Hide your real location from the sites you visit.Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and so on � music and video services restricted to a few countries are now accessible to you too.Personally, i found it much speedier as compared to other extensions i tested.
4) ZenMate!
ZenMate was perhaps the best and first Chrome-exclusive VPN , but now it isn't since it started is premium services. It started it operations on Chrome and was the first app/extension providing VPN services only based on the Chrome Engine and without any OS(Win/Linux/Mac) support. hence, it is able to run on Chrome OS too!.Features of ZenMate �Encrypts and protects your browser trafficHides your real location and activityAccess any website from anywhereFor free and just a few clicks away!Also it provides Encryption ,Speed, Data Compression and blocks Harmful Sites.
5) Free My browser
A VPN Extension without traffic limitations or any other boundaries: Free your browser from censorship and borders to browse secure and free the Internet. Encrypt all your browsers traffic through the country of your choice!Freemybrowser gives you access to blocked services and content like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, BBC, ITV Player and Pandora.
— Hide your real IP-Address- encrypt your browsers traffic- reroute your traffic through our secure servers- Access blocked websites and content- 100\% Free — for ever
Freemybrowser is an encrypted vpn solution, it works like a proxy, but is fully encrypted and speed up your browsers internet connection. FreeMyBrowser is free and easy to use.if you like the article please share it and help us grow
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