AI Apocalypse [Human Extinction?]

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“Do not create what you can’t control.”

Welcome to the world of machines . Yes it is about machines, its all about machines! Welcome to the world that has intelligence but nowadays ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has got the trend.

Artificial itelligence

Centuries ago we weren’t having high futuretechs to ease our day to day lives. Efficiency was on the peak of human tendency to achieve goals. This tendency led to the inception of the age of machines. Though we should not divert ourselves towards the Terminator movies series stuff, but truth beyond lies is going to unfold. That is true what this is all about, an Apocalypse due to machines (obviously not in 2012).

Artificial Intelligence

Simplest definition of machine would be a thing that reduces human efforts (put aside those bookish defintions). Machines accounted to most of medieval French and English progress. These finely crafted slabs of metals cherished until the 1940s when the Artificial Intelligence gained momentum. Eventually today it’s a hike. Various theories such as Computation, Church-Tuning Thesis, our familiar Boolean Algebra systems got infinite focused roots. Today we live in an extreme Artificial Intelligence orientated environment.

Consider ‘A. I. Takeover’, a hypothetical scenario in which this controller of the machine world will become machine controlled. The monarch would be a single Superintelligent A. I. and the popular notion of robot uprising. Machines will rise up and rule humans. This is not just the beginning, it’s actually the start of end which marks the Armageddon. If Superintelligent AI concludes that human survival is unnecessary and waste of resources, it would aim at one thing: HUMAN EXTINCTION!

In order to understand how better an AI is today in comparison to the human brain, digest this: biological neurons operate at about 200Hz, wheres a modern man-made microprocesor operates at a unbelievable speed of 2,000,000,000 Hz. But the creation of that Superintelligent AI is only by the virtue of human brain.

As such efforts are being made to create a human friendly AI, but sheer human values and flaw prone ethical theories make it difficult to construct a friendly AI. The Oblivion will strike when AI finds it necessary to conflict with mankind’s intelligence and surpass it, eventually demolishing it. AI will create its own vigilantes to conquer humans. It could be like…

Artifical Intelligence

With rigorous developments in modern technology, various physicists and experts suggest this catastrophe to occur in near future. Concerns are bring expressed over possibility of such futuretech weapons, machinery, cavalry that humans would fail to control them and eventually it will be the tools of AI.

AI could provide numerous solutions to infinite problems but can cause development of something that we can’t even interpret. We have certain pioneers doing Research on these issues and we hope we get good results in the future. There is a need to control human efforts, else it will take too long to reach infinity andbut only a day to become history.

We need to know the true difference between the development of AI and Destructive AI.

Watch this space for more on this subject.

Thank you for reading.

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