Google Allo Vs Whatsapp-Which is better?

  • 29 October 2016
  • Mohd Shibli
  • Technology

There are more messaging apps right now in this world then fingers in your hand, we use these apps more than phone calls as they connect us more conveniently and efficiently to the people who are far away from us.

Google Allo Vs WhatsApp

In this article, we will discuss the newly launched Google’s Allo and we will compare it with the giant Whatsapp

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Google Allo was an Instant messaging app made by Google and launched on September 21, 2016. Allo is available for both Android and IOS and will be preinstalled in the upcoming pixel phones.

Google Allo Features

Google Allo Google Allo Vs WhatsApp

  • Google Allo features Google Assistant to which you can talk and ask your questions.
  • Google Allo has a smart reply function which uses the google Machine learning technology to suggest a reply to your last message.
  • Allo enables you to draw on photos while you send them to someone.
  • You can increase or decrease size of an emoticon or image while sending it to another person
  • It has an incognito mode which includes expiring chat, private notifications and an end to end encryption.
  • It also has a sticker sharing options just like Hike.

Google Allo Drawbacks

  • From privacy perspective, the app is not so perfect
  • It does not have file sharing features like WhatsApp or Telegram.

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Now we will see WhatsApp features and its drawback

WhatsApp Features

  • WhatsApp is a true end to end encrypted app so that it cannot be read by a third party app. Once you delete a message it will be gone forever
  • WhatsApp also supports voice calling feature(Which really needs to be improvedcool)
  • It also features sharing options for third party apps like Google Drive and Icloud.
  • It has a file sharing feature which supports multiple file formats.
  • WhatsApp latest update also supports GIF format files.

WhatsApp Drawbacks

  • Due to privacy policy changes WhatsApp will now share information with Facebook which is its parent company.

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