YouTube Kids Review-An app for your Little One

  • 13 November 2016
  • Danish A.Khan
  • Technology

When Parents thought how to hide the berserk content from Kids YouTube came up with a solution:

What is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids App designed for kids, offers a safer YouTube experience, using automated systems to choose content from the broader universe of videos on YouTube. Once your child has watched a few videos, the app will start recommending videos on the homescreen based on terms they’ve searched for and videos they’ve watched.
The app is designed to exclude content that’s not appropriate for kids, but all videos are not manually checked, it is possible that some unwanted videos may be available , so to remove them we have flagging

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Download Youtube Kids

YouTube Kids

Features of YouTube Kids

  • Flagging Videos
    For a safer YouTube Experience aside from the automated system, if we find a video not appropriate for kids we can manually tag them for YouTube to check and modify by flagging / report from options drop down.
  • What kind of videos does your child enjoy?
    Younger and older kids often like different types of videos. Choosing the initial homescreen experience best suited to your child. You can change the setting later, as you know, your child will age.
    The ages defined are:
    All Kids , Preschool ,School age
    YouTube Kids Review
  • Do you want search on or off?
    When you turn search on, your child can access millions more YouTube Kids videos beyond the default home screen. This allows them to search for new content on their own.
    When you turn search off, you limit your child to videos on the home screen, including those the app recommends. Your child can’t search for content, and recommended videos are based only on videos watched with search turned off. This reduces the chances that your child will encounter a video you
    don’t want them to watch.
    YouTube Kids Search Feature
  • Set a timer
    Only Parents are allowed, to get access here there is a Lock Icon in the Bottom Right Corner
    YouTube Kids Parental Control
    which takes you to a small game to decode Numbers from Words, or we can Set Own Passcode.
    YouTube Kids provide pass code like features
    And then set your own timer, When time is up it locks the app
    YouTube Kids Time limit feature

The new app does provide a reliable way to ensure that kids are not exposed to videos we think are inappropriate. The features of the app allows us to enforce that idea. When I tried to search the non-appropriate contents the search returned empty, meaning that it works.

Landscape Only

The interface is kid friendly, when you start the app small animation follows with the videos lined up horizontally, with a song playing in the background, we can swipe left or right.

On the top kids get to select from Recommended Shows, Music, Learning, Explore and Search Icon.

While a video is playing, a tap brings up a small panel below video allowing us/kids to select relevant videos. Though you cant search for another video while a video is playing.

Swipe left / tap clock at left to Watch It Again

The timer ensures that the kids don’t exceed their break time or possibly damage their eyes.

While the app itself is safe enough for the kids, you will require additional security for the phone itself, as kids can easily switch between the apps.

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